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Pittsburgh Public Adjusters for Insurance Claims

Pittsburgh Insurance Claims Help

If you are a Pittsburgh policyholder who has experienced property damage, a public adjuster can help you navigate the insurance claim process. Our Pittsburgh claim adjusting office is available to help valure, file and negotiate your residential or commercial insurance claim and make sure you get a fair insurance claim settlement. Pittsburgh claim adjuster Mr. Zach Flora a native of the Pittsburgh area heads up our local office. He is an expert at handling commercial and residential fire, smoke, water, roof, wind and winter storm related property damage claims including frozen pipe burst and roof collapse insurance claims. 

Regardless of whether your loss is large or small we perform these insurance adjusting services for you:

  • Analyze your policy to get the maximum insurance claim coverage.
  • Inspect the property damage and estimate all losses with our computerized system.
  • Notify the insurance company of your loss and ensure they have proper documentation.
  • Set all appointments with insurance company staff and provide them with preliminary estimates for building and contents damage and loss of business accounting figures.
  • Negotiate with insurance company for a fair and equitable settlement.
  • Prepare all documents in order to obtain payment.
  • Provide a list of trusted professionals for reconstruction if required.


Policyholders can become easily confused about how to properly navigate the insurance claims process and often encounter difficulty determining if they are being properly compensated for their insurance loss. Unlike, insurance company adjusters, we exclusively serve you the policyholder. If your claim been denied or you have received a low ball offer on your claim we are here to help. Relying on insurance company adjusters to keep your best interest in mind may not always be the best option. Our claim adjusters can help even if you've already filed your claim. We are in business to obtain a fair claim settlement for the damages you have received. Call our Pittsburgh claim adjuster, Zach Flora direct 412-301-2350 for immediate insurance claims assistance and a FREE Claim Analysis. If you don’t recover your claim, we don’t get paid.


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Jean Myers

In Oct. 2017 at 4am I heard a noise outside my BR window, when I got up to investigate, there were a series of 4 electrical explosions, my backyard and deck area was engulfed in flames. Fortunately, I was able to escape. The house was totally consumed within 3hrs as I watched 4 fire companies try to put it out. I ended up in the hospital that night, but soon received a text from a friend who had seen it on the news. Hire a PUBLIC ADJUSTER ASAP, was the msg. I had never heard of one, but then became acquainted with Mr. Zachary Flora from Tutwiler & Assoc. He had left an informational package with my neighbor which I read and then met with him. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the insurance business, how claims work, the difference between insurance adjusters and a public adjuster (one who advocates primarily in the clients best interest). He was friendly, forthright, and most knowledgeable. There was no "hard sell," I felt comfortable speaking with him. He presented cases which he had settled and the noticeable differences in claim amounts offered by the ins. co. I hired him on the spot and am so glad that I did.

Rebecca Leff-Johnston

Zach was referred to me from a mutual friend. We have a property that endured some damage in multiple places throughout the home. He walked us through the process and helped every step of the way! He met us at the property several times. He absolutely went above and beyond for us. He even followed up several times after the repairs were done. I truly can't say enough about amazing service that was provided to us. - Rebecca Leff-Johnston

Dana Kratsa

This company is the best. Our insurance company was giving us the run around on a water damage claim and did not want to pay for things that we needed to repair. We hired Tutwiler and they negotiated a great settlement on our behalf. We were happy they dealt with our insurance company directly and was a huge relief for us. - Dana Kratsa

Melissa Granatire

Tutwiler & Associates was one of the best contacts my family has made in a while! They were very professional and detailed in their work, while keeping us updated every step of the way. I strongly suggest calling if you have any insurance related issues.

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