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FL License: P006003

Also licensed in: New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Testimonials about Richard P. 'Rick' Tutwiler P.C.L.S.

Sir Graham Day - Condominium Water Damage

"Mr. Tutwiler's performance was both professional and effective beyond my reasonable exceptions. I believe I am a competent judge of Mr. Tutwiler's performance in as much as I have been a qualified lawyer for over 50 years. I can recommend Mr. Tutwiler without reservation to anyone who sustains property damage and believes that the damage sustained is covered by a policy of insurance."

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South Florida Realtor's Executive Waterfront Home - Hurricane Damage

"We want to thank you once again for the phenomenal job you did in assisting us to recuperate payment from our insurance company from the devastating losses to our property. You persistent efforts and professionalism were a major contributing factor in recuperating monies that otherwise we not going to get paid for without your guidance."

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South Tampa Waterfront Home - Water Damage

Dear Fellow Frustrated Insurance Claimant: I truly commiserate with your frustration in dealing with your Insurance Company. On January 5, 2010 as a result of...

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Noteworthy Claims Handled by Richard P. 'Rick' Tutwiler P.C.L.S.

World Renown Caribbean Utopia

Witenblauw, a 4000 square meter Caribbean utopia located on the Leeward Island of St. Maarten, N.V., is in a word spectacular in every respect. Owned by an international business mogul, this complex is truly one of the finest private residences in the Caribbean. In 2008, late season Hurricane Omar struck the island causing wind and water damage to the various structures in the compound...

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Downtown Tampa Commercial Fire Damage

On March 5, 2007 a massive fire broke out in a large office building located on North Franklin Street in downtown Tampa. The fire was so great that hot embers traveled nearly 200 yards down the street igniting fire to another large commercial office building causing damage to it and to other adjacent buildings...

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Ranch Estate Water Loss

In the early morning hours of August 15, 2009 a large water pipe located in the mechanical closet of the residence weight room suddenly burst and quickly inundated the entire first floor of the approximate 10,000 square foot home with an undetermined extensive amount of water causing severe damage throughout. The owners who were preparing to host over fifteen family members at the residence for their son’s upcoming wedding...

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Richard P. 'Rick' Tutwiler P.C.L.S.

Licensed Public Adjuster - Appraiser - Certified Umpire

Rick is a second-generation public adjuster whose interest in the profession began at an early age after witnessing firsthand how disasters can impact people’s livelihoods. He officially joined Tutwiler & Associates in 2005 after completing the Property Loss Adjustment Program from Crawford & Company’s University in Atlanta, GA, the only adjuster’s education program of its kind. Since then, he has successfully settled numerous claims involving fire, flood, windstorm, hurricane, vandalism and theft, water losses, and lightning claims for both commercial and residential properties. He has also acted as an appraiser for various insurance claims resulting in very successful outcomes for the insured. Rick is also a certified umpire under the Windstorm Insurance Network certification program. In addition to Florida, he also holds licenses in New York, North Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Most recently, Rick was in charge of heading up the New York office following Superstorm Sandy.

One of the things Rick enjoys most about being a public adjuster and working with clients is helping someone put their life back together after losing their home, valued personal possessions, or a business that they’ve worked hard to establish.  By nature, Rick has always been interested in the claims resolution process after observing the difficult and sometimes very adversarial process people had to endure during their insurance claim recovery efforts. His growing reputation in the industry, professional approach in handling insurance claims, and the working relationships he has developed with other insurance executives/leaders has helped him quickly establish his expertise and credibility throughout the industry.

Rick is a member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA), Board Member for the Windstorm Insurance Network (WIND) where he also heads up the marketing/membership committee, past Board Member for the Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (TAPIA), Community Association Suncoast Chapter (CAI), USF College of Business Alumni Chapter, a past member of the President’s Circle of the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce and actively involved as a Big Brother in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa. In 2008, Mr. Tutwiler earned the Property Claims Law Specialist (P.C.L.S.) designation from the American Education Institute and recently upgraded his license to an All-Lines Public Adjuster license in 2013.

Originally born and educated in Tampa, Florida Rick graduated from Jesuit High School of Tampa, before going on to earn his B.A. in Business Management from the University of South Florida’s College of Business Administration. In his spare time Rick enjoys spending time with family, traveling to other countries, the outdoors, learning new things, spending time with his little brother, boating, fishing, friends, and attending sporting events. 

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